Hi! My name is Jaclyn Moore and I love books.
And bourbon.
And traveling.

That’s why I created this page – to share my travels, writings, book reviews and most importantly, what bourbon goes best with that book! It may seem odd but I promise you, book and bourbon pairings are a very real thing.

Want to know a little more about me? Probably not but who cares…

I was born at Yale University hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. That being said, it was the only place I was ever accepted Ivy League. I proudly claim the title of ‘Southerner’ after moving all over the country and studying abroad. These days Nashville, TN is home and where I live with my husband and three spoiled dogs. I’m hoping my friends, family, and the general bored public will enjoy what I have to post and get inspired to read, drink, and travel just a tiny bit more 🙂

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