“The One That Got Away” – Simon Wood

“you are not responsible for the world’s ills. You can’t carry the blame for others or their future consequences. None of us can. That’s the road to self-destruction.”

I occasionally try to help my Reading Challenge along by listening to Audible audio books and this was a great car listen! It was also a free download so – bonus!

At the start, I thought to myself, “Here we go. Another book told from a murder victims POV that will jump from past to present tense.” *eye roll* However, by the end of the first chapter, I knew that assumption was wrong. The main character, Zoe Sutton, is no victim. Actually, she is a guilt ridden and tormented survivor, whose abductor has never been caught. It was a unique spin on the overdone murder book and I appreciated the creativity.

Author Simon Wood presented a complex and, frankly,  mega fucked up protagonist that would haunt any single woman’s nightmares. Marshall Beck is not your normal killer and once you reach the end of the story, you learn how deeply seeded his disturbia runs. Zoe Sutton escaped his clutches once but did not get out unscathed. She wasn’t the only one abducted that night but she was the only one who lived to tell about it. Zoe changed her whole life after the abduction to protect herself (self-defense classes, moving, disassociating with her family all to stay off of Marshall Beck’s radar) but a twist of fate and a similar murder in her city thrusts them back together again.

Overall, this was a great listen and a well-rounded story. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery/thriller genres and are looking for a small twist on an old idea.

Happy Reading!

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