The ‘Nine Minutes’ Trilogy – Books 1 & 2 / Beth Flynn

I’ll be honest… I saw the cover art for this book and thought to myself, “no way in hell.” If you don’t believe me that it’s bad — here is the cover for the first book in the series…


I mean seriously? WHAT IS THAT? 😦

Tragically bad cover aside… I don’t read romance novels and I don’t read anything that would even closely to resemble eroctica — 50 Shades of Grey? Yeah, not for me – But thankfully, this book is neither. Actually the whole series has been great so far.

The main character, Ginny… or Gwinny, or Kit, or Josephine… trust me it changes… is kidnapped by a biker gang when she is just 15 years old. Her kidnapper – gang leader and general bad ass. Grizz – has been following her for years and seems to fall madly in love with her. Seem creepy yet? It is.

But the characters grow together and the dynamic of the biker gang throws a lot of curve balls into what ultimately becomes a relationship. These books are fast paced and full of information – there is sex, money, murder, lies, and government conspiracy. What I have enjoyed about this series so far is its ability to keep the reader guessing. Just when you trust a character or think you’ve figured out a piece of the puzzle, the rug is pulled out from underneath you.

The third and final book in this trilogy has not been released yet but I will definitely finish out the series. These characters who seem silly by first impression have very well written back stories that cross decades and state line. Author Beth Flynn has done a great job of making her the thousands of strings she has sewn meet back up. The multiple story lines that coexist together encouraged me to read on to see how they all related back to each other — and some of these revelations truly leave your mouth hanging!

I would recommend these books to anyone who likes a quick read with lots of twists and turns and cliff hangers. Drama, drama, drama! I’m usually not into it but, Beth Flynn, you’ve made me a believer.

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