Ireland 2k16: Adare Village

This post is about 2 weeks late but it has taken me that long to digest the incredible experience we had in Ireland in February! For simplicity sake, I’m breaking this trip down into 3 separate parts which will cover the three cities we spent the majority of our time in; Adare, Limerick, and Galway. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, these towns are located near the Western Coast of Ireland or as the locals call it, “the country.” Seeing as how today is St. Patrick’s Day, it just felt like it was time for me to get my life together so here we go…

Adare Village, Limerick County: a.k.a Home

We had the pleasure of staying on the grounds of the famous Adare Manor in their villas. If you’re looking to travel to this area, I would highly recommend them. Not only are they private and quiet, but the term ‘villa’ does no justice to the size of the home. I was with a group of 4 and this home accommodated us really well. All of the Adare Manor villas are two story, 3br/3bath homes which also includes a full kitchen, dining, and living room. This doesn’t count the glassed in sun room and office which also provides a full pull out couch. All of the rooms are large and the bathrooms are enormous even by American standards. These villas could easily keep 6-7 people comfortably with elbow room to spare.
IMG_1726  IMG_1618

Adare in general is a town that I would equate to an ‘Irish Mayberry.’ The people are incredibly nice, to a degree that even puts Southern hospitality to shame. This idyllic town is situated around, and pretty much only there for, Adare Manor. The group I was with decided to create a pub crawl in Adare Village which only took a whopping 4 hours to complete, with only 5 pubs being available in town. That being said, each pub is quaint, friendly, and has noteworthy menus. Below are my three favorite places to hit Adare for service, scenery, and selection:

3.) Aunt Lena’s Pub:

This seems to be the staple pub in Adare for it’s location and prominence in the town’s main intersection. Although it was not my favorite, it has some tough competitors sitting all around it. I recommend a visit to view the beautiful interior, the stunning facade, and to grab some of the best bangers and mash we found on our whole trip.

2.) Sean Collins & Sons Bar:

Sean Collins is just a quick 2 minute walk down the road and across the street from Aunt Lena’s and offers a beautiful back patio for smokers and guests who want to enjoy the sunshine – when it’s out! This is another place with a great menu but I appreciated it most for it’s cozy atmosphere and focus on local brews. The head bartender, who’s name is also Sean, will be happy to help with any beer, food, or local questions you might have.

*** drum roll please ***

1.)  Pat Collins Pub:

This place is beautiful inside and out. If you’re looking for a traditional Irish meal, I highly recommend the Bacon and Cabbage. I promise you won’t be disappointed and definitely won’t leave hungry. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, they host local Irish music so you can sit down to enjoy a pint (or four) while you enjoy the good music and the good company!


Other noteworthy stops in Adare:

The Good Room Cafe – Great for coffee and breakfast treats, plus an adorable patio.
Houfu Chinese Restaurant – Surprisingly good! Ask for Suki-She’s the best!
Bill Chawkes Bar – Stunning decor and an impressive tap wall.
Blue Door Restaurant – Adorable interior, perfect for tea & a quick bite with the girls!

IMG_1892    IMG_1603 (1)

IMG_1673 (1)    FullSizeRender

One of the best things about Adare is that there is not a single bad choice when it comes to eating, drinking, or shopping. Adare — thanks for having us — you were a daydream!


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