“Never, Never” – Briana Shrum || Appleton’s Jamaican Rum, 12yr

*I would like to thank the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review*
“The deepest circle of Hell is kept for Brutus, Judas, and Peter Pan.”

This book was way more than I expected! –Never, never– did I think I would choose the side of Captain Hook over Peter Pan, but here I am! This is an intriguing and creative twist of the childhood story we are all familiar with but we learn how James Hook got to Neverland and became the infamous Captain Hook. There were many times I was rooting for Hook and hoping the worst for selfish, arrogant, immature Pan. Brianna Shrum does an incredible job of making a notoriously loathed character empathetic and pitied. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and clever twists on the classics. One of the things I enjoyed most was that, while it was a take a children’s story, the language and content was made for an older audience (I would suggest 17+). How can you be a proper swashbuckling pirate without drunkenness, prostitutes and murder?! With that in mind, I paired this book with a Jamaican Appleton Rum, 12yr. It is sweet, spicy and got me in a pirated spirit. This particular bottle was purchased while I was traveling in Jamaica and left me feeling as if I could taste the sea and salt as I read. All of the Appleton Rums come highly recommended from me, drank straight or in mixed drinks. The average price of the Appleton 12yr in the States goes for anywhere between $30-$35, making it extremely affordable and fun to try. Thank you again to Brianna Shrum and Spencer Hill Press for the wonderfully entertaining read. It was quite an adventure!

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Never NeverNever Never by Brianna Shrum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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