quote Book Review: “The Lake”

The LakeThe Lake by AnnaLisa Grant
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I think about the time it has taken these trees to mature and become the steadfast pillars they are and wonder if nature thought it took too long, as I feel it is taking me too long to become comfortable in this bark of mine.”

I’m always a sucker for a free Kindle download and intriguing cover art. “The Lake” by AnnaLisa Grant met both of those and ended up being a decently good book. That being said, this book is definitely geared towards a younger YA audience best suited for (in my opinion) girls ages 15-25. It was a cute story and a quick, easy read but I did have a few criticisms. The main characters, Layla Weston and her boyfriend Will Meyer are 17 year old high school seniors who fall in love after Layla leaves Florida to move in with her Aunt and Uncle in North Carolina. My problem lies with the fact that these characters are supposed to be 17-18 years old and they are having conversations regarding their relationship, feelings and families as if they’re 30-something. If I had to guess, the author is probably about that age and doesn’t quite remember what our reactions were as hormonal and irrational tweenies. The majority of the dialogue between the young characters just came off as simply unbelievable. Secondly, in the first few pages of the book, we learn that Layla comes from a very hard background with a lot of loss and struggle. That being said, this point is reiterated to the point of ridiculous redundancy up until the very last chapter. We get it! Please don’t tell us again and let your character wallow in the past unless it is going to bring new information to light. Of course it never does and after finishing, I got the distinct impression that the author was trying to meet a quota to fill pages. Overall, this was a cute book for a younger audience and is worth a free download if you’re desperate for a quick read.

–happy reading–

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