Book Review: The Promise of Provence

**I would like to thank the publisher for providing an advance reader copy of this book for review**
‘The Promise of Provence’ by Patricia Sands was right up my alley by title alone and I went in with extremely high expectations. Those close to me know my love of France and my study abroad experience there. That being said, I was half way through the book before even a glimpse of Provence or anything came into being. The author’s exhaustive and arduous imagery tangents forced me to put down my Kindle on more than one occasion to ask myself just where in the world this was all going! The start of the book is extremely fast paced as the reader quickly discovers a life-changing and unforeseen event in Katherine’s life. Unfortunately, not much happens after that other than the loss of a family member of old age and a few vague hints that one of Katherine’s friends may have a troubled personal relationship. By page 200 of about 400 I was ready to give up, however, once the detailed descriptions of the Provence countryside began I was hooked once again and caught myself having dreams of lavender fields and local Rosé. One of my largest critiques would be the exhaustive use of the French language through conversation. This is not just the small “bonjour” or “merci beaucoup” but full sentences in French with little context clues for the reader to utilize. I love French and had no problem whatsoever following the dialog but I seriously question the ability of others readers who are unfamiliar with language to do so as well.

Overall, this book had some wonderful places for descriptive scenery but lacks in character development and tempo. I would only recommend this novel to readers who are women 40+ and have a passion for France and the French language.

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