Bahamian Trip Tips: Nassau and Freeport

Last week was just what I needed! Not only was it my husband and I’s first wedding anniversary but it was also a full week spent in the Bahamas. #thankyaJesus

Now, I’ve been to the Bahamas before and I would be lying if I said I went in open-minded. Nassau has burned me once before and unfortunately, Nassau did not disappoint to disappoint. This is a busy port town whose #1 industry is tourism (that’s us y’all!) Because of that, everyone has something to sell and I mean everyone. You can’t walk 10 feet without being offered passes to Atlantis, horse and buggy rides, or to have your hair braided. You can only politely say ‘no’ so many times before running away to a dark corner to scream.

We did take a short ferry boat ride over to Paradise Island, where the Atlantis resort is. We hoped to have some breathing room over there but were sadly mistaken. Not only were people still hounding us but there were no clear instructions on where to go. My very frustrated husband and I walked almost 4 miles to a public beach access only to arrive just as the rain started. We immediately took a crowded and sweaty cab ride back to the port side with nothing to show but blisters on our feet.
That being said, Nassau is a beautiful place! Try to find a quiet bar to sit in for the day and enjoy the view. The more you can get away from the tourist infested spots, the happier you’ll be!

Now lets talk Freeport, Grand Bahama!
This is another one of the 36 inhabited islands of the 700 that make up the Bahamas. When you first arrive, don’t be discouraged by it’s heavily industrial appearance. This is the #1 industrial island of the Bahamas but there are still wonderful places to see and people to meet and since tourism isn’t their main focus here, people tend to leave you in peace a bit more 🙂

When we arrived, we decided to scoot on over to the other side of the island called Port Lucaya where you can visit Taino Beach. At Taino, there was a bar and activities area set up that you could stay in for 4-8 hours for as little as $50/per person. Oh, did I mention that includes all of your food and adult beverages? 😉 This area was run by BahamasAdventures and I can’t say enough about them or their staff. Not only were the food and drinks great but you also could rent jet skis, parasail, go snorkeling, take a banana boat ride, or simply sunbathe. For those of you with little ones, this is also a family-friendly spot with play grounds, in-ocean trampolines and arts and crafts areas. If you’d like to know more about BahamasAdventures, click here: Bahamas Adventures Facebook

Since we don’t have kids, we ended up hanging out with the staff most of the day which ultimately ended in two disastrous games of flip cup and beer pong. Should you ever go to Taino Beach, I suggest you avoid a drink called the ‘Green Dragon’ unless you’re a glutton for punishment. FullSizeRender6FullSizeRender1
One of my biggest suggestions while visiting the Bahamas is to talk to the locals and eat as they do. We were lucky enough to find a beach side stand where a local was pulling live conch from the ocean and preparing fresh conch salad in front of us. I can honestly say this was the best $10 I’ve spent on food in a long time.
Hopefully these tips of do’s and don’ts will help you decide to visit the Bahamas. Over all, it is a friendly and fascinating nation.

Go forth and may the travel be with you.

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