48 hours in Charleston

This city, for its size and location, is full of European culture and literati travelers. I have always been a huge fan of this city and wanted to share my top tips after just wrapping a quick trip here. Below are my top 3 must-dos for visiting this beautiful, coastal gem:

1. ) “Don’t be afraid to be a S.N.O.B.”

Dont worry. This is a good thing. SNOB is an acronym referring to an area “slightly North of Broad.” That being said, this is where your well-known rainbow colored Charleston mansions and water front visitas lie. Get familiar with the Battery area and enjoy a long walk on a beautiful day taking in the 17th century churches and river stone streets. This is where we can all imagine ourselves having our millions. image


2.) Embrace the European Culture

Let’s not forget that that Charleston is one of the oldest U.S towns and was once a British Colony. That being said, it is rought with French architecture, disgustingly good food, and river stone street ways that lead from one magnificent café to another. Stop at a street side café/bar like East Bay Meeting Room and enjoy an espresso at a sidewalk cafe table or cocktails and tapas inside. Much to my liking, this is a very pup-friendly city so be prepared to sit among our better looking canine friends when you grab your brunch or beer.



3.) Visit your local artists

This city is brimming with wonderful local artists. Stop by the famous open air City Market or, better yet, the plethora of local galleries and street side shops of beautiful jewelry, original paintings and (the ever popular) hand-woven Palm frond pieces. This is an ever creative city, influenced by a multiple countries and many centuries which culminates and a wonderful Southern melting pot of low-country style and modern elegance.


// happy traveling //


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